Sassy; adjective, lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.


We believe that SASS is at the root of all possible things.  It’s the power that drives us to think outside the box, to dream and ultimately create.  It’s that little bit of magically charged personality that encourages us to believe “we can do it” and to go for it!  In our case, the result is a tomato jam. A simple, but delicious condiment that simply makes us happy.  It pleases our palettes, adds a zip to our plates, puts a warmth in our bellies and ultimately a smile on our face.  It’s our collective SASS that’s at the heart of our manifesto here, at Sassy’s Jam… and we are thrilled to invite you to join us!  

It’s a Condiment:  

It’s about Flavor, and we believe flavor should be layered {and layered, and layered}!  Sassy’s Tomato Jam is a wonderful addition to just about anything ~ your kitchen staples, your cocktail party, your favorite picnic menu, and always as a gift. 

Use a spoonful, use a cup or use the bottle - the options are endless!  

It’s a Lifestyle:  

It’s about Freedom.  It’s about more: more options, more mixing, more taste explosions, more WOW

Sassy’s believes that you should dress your plate, your way.  We support your right to rock that breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack the way you want to rock it, and rock it deliciously.

It’s a Cause: #SpreadTheSass

A portion of every jar sold, goes to support the No Kid Hungry campaign & Share our Strength’s national programs. 

It’s our small way of celebrating our many blessings, sharing our gratitude & paying it forward.